Quantum Astrology Online 6 Week Education Course with Meru Matu

Quantum Astrology Online 6 Week Education Course with Meru Matu

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The base rate option includes one live hour long session with Meru Matu to graduate from program with a chart reading.

Learn Quantum Sun Soul Astrology by Meru Matu directly from the source.

This six week online course will be permanently accessed through www.sunsoul.tv to help you expand where ever you are now in your present state of astrological knowledge. From beginner to advanced, your time learning from Meru will help evolve you to the next level.

Learn the quantum interpretation of the entire natal, progressed and draconic charts with planets (direct and retrograde), houses, signs, aspects, patterns and degrees, chiron and the north and south node placements. You will learn to read full charts if you are unable to at this time and you will take a quantum leap in your interpretations if you already are a practicing astrologer. 

You will receive a certificate of Level One Quantum Astrology from Sun Soul Astrology after you pass your final chart reading with Meru live one-on-one with Zoom video chat platform. Meru will provide you with the chart and test what you have learned as well as how you combine that knowledge with your intuition.

If you would like to meet with Meru more often then once you can choose the option that most suits the needs you are looking for above. 

  • If you choose the $750 Online Only Course, you will be working on your own at your own pace with one live hour long meeting with Meru for week 6 to clarify any questions you have had along the way, as well as read a chart for graduation.
  • If you choose the $1000 option it will be the same as above with one additional meeting with Meru midway through to check your progress and get direct questions answered by Meru.
  • If you opt for the $2500 option then you will be committing to 6 weeks live one-on-one learning sessions with Meru directly in addition to everything included above.

You will meet with Meru live on Zoom video chat and your education session will be recorded. After your meeting you will receive a direct download link via email that will remain on the cloud for 90 days before it auto deletes, if you are on a computer you can record the sessions from Zoom direct to your account cloud or desktop directly. Your invitation to meet on Zoom is all you need to download the app and get set up. If you need to meet by telephone only, just let us know and we will send you a phone number to call in to and still have the recording of your session

Your Zoom invitation will be automatically sent so be sure to confirm your email address is correct when scheduling. You will be able to reschedule your own appointment from the confirmation email and please be sure to do so at least 24/hours in advance. NO REFUNDS for missed appointments, time will be deducted for late arrivals. Store credit towards a future education program for pre course cancellations only on $2500 option. All other options are strictly NON REFUNDABLE.

Additional information: If you already have a Sun Soul TV account, your Course will be assigned for access and if you do not yet have a account, you will receive a invitation to create one in which the course will be available upon sign in. All videos are available to download and keep and your access to this course is permanent. You may go at your own pace but you must meet with Meru and graduate to use Quantum Astrology or affiliate yourself with Sun Soul Astrology or Meru Matu.

***Please be advised that this is a private and confidential service and all information shall remain between you, the client and Meru Matu only. Once you receive your video download link of your consultation/education, PDF or pre-recorded reading, under no circumstances is permission given to share with friends, family or otherwise through email or posting online. As with all alternative information in general, there should be discernment in who and what you share with others. If you are excited about your consultation, do your best to communicate that without passing along the video. It is equally important that Meru Matu’s personalized readings and private information is not shared, as it is for your information to stay private. Violation of this policy will result in no longer receiving services from Sun Soul Astrology, Meru Matu and Sun Soul TV.

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