6 Week Expansion Growth Activation With Meru Matu

6 Week Expansion Growth Activation With Meru Matu

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This is a extremely intensive coaching program dedicated to extreme growth in all areas of your life including business. If you are committed to actively pursuing your destiny and even starting your business while doing it, then this is where Meru steps in and works with you once a week for 6 consecutive weeks one on one and in person. The self growth component of this program has to do with overcoming any resistance or doubts about your destined path and then taking that ultimate step to making the changes to support your new direction. This work applies to life, spirituality, relationship, career, home and family.

Meru will support you in preparing yourself to take the most productive action to gaining exposure in the way that you most feel comfortable and natural in. You will be invited to interview with Meru on Sun Soul Astrology on YouTube and Sun Soul TV when you have completed your 6 weeks to introduce yourself to a like minded community and begin to build your own following.

Your fee will include One (1) Year of Premium Subscription to Sun Soul TV which includes Daily Planetary Translations, Monthly Transit Overviews and a monthly Transit Reading Video of your Natal Chart by Meru personally. This perk also includes access to the closed FaceBook Group Sun Soul TV.

This is only for those that are serious about the commitment of time and effort it takes to meet once a week for 6 consecutive weeks and put the efforts towards the steps involved in accomplishing your goals. You will need a focused goal that you will be working on during this time, from there we will work together to take your life to the next level.

Each week you will meet with Meru live on Zoom video chat and your meeting will be recorded. After your meeting you will receive a direct download link via email that will remain on the cloud for 60 days before it auto deletes. Your invitation to meet on Zoom is all you need to download the app and get set up. If you need to meet by telephone only, just let us know and we will send you a phone number to call into and still have the recording of your session

Your Zoom invitation will be automatically sent so be sure to confirm your email address is correct when scheduling. You will be able to reschedule your own appointment from the confirmation email and please be sure to do so at least 24/hours in advance. NO REFUNDS for missed appointments, time will be deducted for late arrivals. Store credit towards a future consultation/coaching for pre-cancellations only.

Email Meru at sunsoulastrology@gmail.com to confirm that your goal is matched for this growth activation.