Natal + Walkin Chart

Natal + Walkin Chart

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This is a 2hr reading that combines your original souls natal chart, progressed to the day of death to see exactly how you came into being. A full analysis of your walkin chart will be discussed along with time for specific questions.

Please see the description for both the Natal Chart Reading and Walkin Soul Reading for further clarification. You will need to have the exact day, month, year, time and location of your soul transfer for this reading.

You normally don't need to ask yourself if you are a walkin, you simply know you are as the event was strongly marked by a understanding you are in a new body, world and life.


Upon payment you will receive access to book your own appointment. Once your appointment is booked you will receive a access code to meet on Zoom at your scheduled time and date. Your access code to Zoom will allow you to meet either face to face video or by telephone. You will receive a audio recording of your reading after the session has been completed.