Pluto Retrograde Special

Pluto Retrograde Special

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During this 30min meeting we discuss what the Pluto Retrograde transit that is happening now until Sept 29, 2017 means for you specifically. We will look at your pluto placement in your Natal, Progressed and Draconic Charts.

PLUTO RETROGRADE turns its transformative energy even more deeply into the superconsciousness, bringing about an inner illumination long before you are able to give it expression in the outer world.  PLUTO RETROGRADE indicates a carry-over of psychic powers from previous lifetimes.  These powers are to be used in constructive ways only.  You will feel the struggle humanity is going through within yourself—humanity’s struggle is your struggle.  You are aware of and feel responsible for lifting your conscious awareness so that the consciousness of humanity can be thereby lifted.

PLUTO RETROGRADE KARMA – A karmic debt is owned to humanity stemming from the age indicated by the sign in which PLUTO is located.  This debt is to be paid through selfless service to humanity.  Tremendous spiritual growth is possible; you have the opportunity to rise above the karma of the human race and step off the wheel of rebirth.  PLUTO RETROGRADE joins NEPTUNE RETROGRADE in asking that you live in the world, while remaining separate from it.

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