Solar Eclipse In Leo Reading Video Recording Only

Solar Eclipse In Leo Reading Video Recording Only

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Now available in video and audio recording only. "The Great American Eclipse" happened  August 21, 2017 11:31am PST at 28 degrees of Leo and was seen through most of the United States.  The Sun and Moon trined Uranus Retrograde exact in Aries and where this is all happening in your chart is very important.

I will look at both your natal and progressed chart to see what house this is taking place in as well as what other planets are being activated for you. Lets get to the real message this eclipse carries for you specifically. I will also mention the upcoming Pisces Full Moon on Sept 6th location within your chart.

You will receive a video and audio recording download link of your reading. You will then have 48hrs to save your session. Your reading will be delivered within 72hrs of ordering.

***Please be sure to include your month, day, year, time and location of birth durning checkout in the *NOTES BOX*. You will see it on the next page after you add this reading to the cart.***


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