Degree/Aspect Interpretation

Degree/Aspect Interpretation

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If you love Meru Matu's interpretations of the planetary degrees and you want yours personally interpreted and broken-down along with the aspects connecting your planets then this is for you.

Receive a personal video and get a deeper look at what your aspects means. Choose one or more aspects to be interpreted with the degrees included. 

Please allow up to 30 days to receive your private video link and choose how many aspects you would like to be interpreted in the pull down menu above.

On the checkout page in "ADD TO NOTES" box please enter your birth details (Day, Month, Year, Time, AM or PM, City, State, Country) also which aspect you would like Meru to interpret. EXAMPLE: Sun Square Pluto, Neptune Sextile Moon, Mercury Quincunx Saturn, Chiron Opposite Jupiter. If you only want degrees broken down just list the planets.

  • One Aspect includes 2 planet degree interpretations.
  • Two Aspects includes 4 planet degree interpretations.