Jupiter in Scorpio and Saturn in Capricorn Transit Reading

Jupiter in Scorpio and Saturn in Capricorn Transit Reading

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Jupiter the spiritual guru will enter the transformational sign of Scorpio (Quantum Rebirth) on October 11, 2017 and will transit through till November 8, 2018.

Saturn the new and improved planet of integrity, wisdom and discipline enters its home sign of Capricorn (Quantum Life Path), this physical realm created by spirit on December 19, 2017 till March 23, 2020.

We will look at both these transits in your natal chart along with retrogrades for this epic journey in to our alchemical processes of higher spiritual rebirth, quantum love and Scorpio sexuality, with Saturn integrity.

The houses effected, aspects to the transits and personal and outer planets as well as retrogrades will be discussed to give you the map for the road ahead as we ascend in consciousness and into a New World of unconditional love.

If you choose to receive a 20min recorded video you will be provided a private YouTube link with your video that will be for you alone. You will receive your video in the order received.

To meet in person please choose a time and date of your 30min reading that will be displayed in your time zone so please do not convert into mine. You as well will be given a private YouTube link to our meeting on Zoom.