Monthly Personal Transit Video

Monthly Personal Transit Video

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Have you ever wanted to have a personal Astrologer walk you through your monthly transits?

Here is your chance, available to the first 5 people who take advantage of this offer.

This will be a reoccurring monthly service for $200 per month.  

What you will receive:

  • A monthly personal transit video based on your personal natal chart and at times your progressed chart as well. Meru will personally record this video for you and deliver it by the 1st of each month so you have all the information needed to navigate, plan and launch projects. When relationship, career, health or family transits come up, you will know so you can best prepare. ($300 per video value)

If this offer is already sold out, please check back monthly as new spots maybe open. Only 5 spots available at a time so your information is focused and Meru’s attention is on you specifically.

  • You will receive a download link to your reading via your email address associated with your order in which you will have 90 days to download and keep your reading before it will auto delete from the cloud. Please provide your birth details in the next page under "NOTES". I will need your information as follows:

Day of Birth

Month of Birth (Written month not number)

Year of Birth

City of Birth

State of Birth

Country of Birth if outside the US

Time of Birth including AM or PM


NO REFUNDS!!! Store credit towards a future reading for pre recorded reading cancellations only. No revisions for incorrect birth details so please double check the information entered.

If you forget to add your birth details to this order please email them to ASAP.

***Please be advised that this is a private and confidential service and all information shall remain between you, the client and Meru Matu only. Once you receive your video download link of your consultation, PDF or pre-recorded reading, under no circumstances is permission given to share with friends, family or otherwise through email or posting online. As with all alternative information in general, there should be discernment in who and what you share with others. If you are excited about your consultation, do your best to communicate that without passing along the video. It is equally important that Meru Matu’s personalized readings and private information is not shared, as it is for your information to stay private. Violation of this policy will result in no longer receiving services from Sun Soul Astrology, Meru Matu and Sun Soul TV.