One Hour Coaching with Meru Matu

One Hour Coaching with Meru Matu

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Work with Meru one on one through Zoom LIVE meetings to hold and create the vision of your new business or relationship. 

If you have been wanting to shake out your previous timelines and you are ready to accelerate your business or relationships then this is for you. You have to literally pick yourself up and place yourself in the end result of your vision. What does that require and what are you willing to do to actualize it?

In this hour we will focus your goal, create the blueprint of your action plan and brainstorm inspired ideas for getting you moving. If you are just starting a new business or want to level up your existing business we will zero in on the path to do just this. If you are currently in or looking for a new relationship we will dive deep to unlock blocks and find activation paths. 

This session may include the use of your astrological chart. We are going to get down to the truth of what is holding you back and what is moving you forward. 

Show up ready to go through the process and be open to receiving the information. Meru is gifted with inspired thought and can offer you not only guidance but real-time solutions for resolving any current issues. 

Money and love are energy and we want to unlock and evolve our interaction with them both. To live in peace with financial freedom is the goal. Being of service to others through the products and services we offer is the way. 

If you feel you would like extended guidance and coaching there are multiple packages you can choose from in the pull down menu. 

Book 3 One Hour Coaching Sessions and receive a total of $150 off. *50 off each!

Book 6 and receive a total of $330 off. *55 off each!

Your Zoom invitation will be automatically sent so be sure to confirm your email address is correct when scheduling. You will be able to reschedule your own appointment from the confirmation email and please be sure to do so at least 24/hours in advance. NO REFUNDS for missed appointments, time will be deducted for late arrivals. Store credit towards a future reading for pre reading cancellations only.

***Please be advised that this is a private and confidential service and all information shall remain between you, the client and Meru Matu only. Once you receive your video download link of your consultation, PDF or pre-recorded reading, under no circumstances is permission given to share with friends, family or otherwise through email or posting online. As with all alternative information in general, there should be discernment in who and what you share with others. If you are excited about your consultation, do your best to communicate that without passing along the video. It is equally important that Meru Matu’s personalized readings and private information is not shared, as it is for your information to stay private. Violation of this policy will result in no longer receiving services from Sun Soul Astrology, Meru Matu and Sun Soul TV.