Quantum Aspects and Patterns Natal or Progressed Chart Reading

Quantum Aspects and Patterns Natal or Progressed Chart Reading

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The astrological chart is comprised of 360 degrees that the planets of your natal or progressed chart fall into. The degree of your planets in the signs create mathematical connects to one another creating what is called aspects which then maybe forming patterns. This is the heart of the quantum synergy of your chart.

This is one of the most detailed descriptions of your chart as we will break down the conjunctions, trines, sextiles, squares and oppositions as well as the less talked about aspects. We will also go into detail of any Grand Trines, Grand Squares, T-Squares, Yods, Seal of Salmon, Kite and Cradels in addition to many more patterns that maybe present in your chart.

This is a 1 hour reading and you may select to have your Natal or Progressed Chart read in the pull down menu above.

Please choose a day and time on the calendar above to meet one on one, on Zoom. Your reading will be recorded and uploaded to a unlisted link on YouTube after your session. You will receive the link to this video for further review and to gain a deeper insight into your life. This link is only for you and sharing is prohibited

After booking you will receive a invite to our meeting on Zoom and at the time and date of our reading you will simply click the link you are sent and Zoom will automatically download and you will be brought into the meeting. Please allow a few extra minutes to do this if you do not already have Zoom on the device you are using. 

NO REFUNDS for missed appointments. Being late will result in time deducted from your reading as I book back to back.