Quantum Astrology Online 6 Week Education Course Starts MARCH 1, 2018

Quantum Astrology Online 6 Week Education Course Starts MARCH 1, 2018

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Learn Quantum Sun Soul Astrology by Meru Matu directly from the source. Course starts March 1st through April 8, 2018. This six week coarse will include 1 hour a week, one-on-one meeting with Meru to fine tune any areas of the prior weeks curriculum. You will meet with her live on Zoom and receive the video recording of each of your personal lessons.

    These six weeks will include access to all educational videos and written material to help you expand where ever you are now in your present state of astrological knowledge. From beginner to advance your time learning from Meru will be customized to fit evolving you to the next level.

    Learn the quantum interpretation of the entire natal chart with planets (direct and retrograde), houses, signs, aspects, patterns and degrees. You will learn to read full charts if you are unable to at this time and you will take a quantum leap in your interpretations if you already are a practicing astrologer. 

    • Full payment of $1000.00
    • This is starting March 1, 2018
    •  Space is limited to a small number of students. Once your course is paid in full you will receive a personal private calendar to book your weekly education meetings with Meru that you will be able to reschedule on your own as needed.

    Lock in your spot now and get ready to start 2018 with the quantum perspective of astrology.

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