RH- Blood Coaching with Meru Matu

RH- Blood Coaching with Meru Matu

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This is a 60min session for those in the RH- blood group. If you need guidance on how to take back your power and remove yourself from attacks both seen and unseen, we will discuss methods of spiritual protection and gain understanding on what it truly means to understand your blood and work towards being independent.

This time is very helpful to find peace with many past traumas and present hardships such as being in manipulative relationships. Clarity on "handlers", "love bite", "dream implants", "archon implants" and extraterrestrial consciousness and DNA.

More information on the origins of the blood and the Annunaki from Nibiru.

Upon payment you will receive access to book your own appointment. Once your appointment is booked you will receive a access code to meet on Zoom at your scheduled time and date. Your access code to Zoom will allow you to meet either face to face video or by telephone. You will receive a audio recording of your reading after the session has been completed.