Walkin Soul Chart Reading with Meru Matu

Walkin Soul Chart Reading with Meru Matu

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If you are like myself a "walkin soul" and you have the exact day, month, year, time and location of your soul transfer then this is the reading for you. A walkin soul occurs when the original soul that was in your body passes on and you step into that body to continue on in their place. This experience is mainly marked by a near death experience and you would not normally have many memories of your original souls life.

You normally don't need to ask yourself if you are a walkin, you simply know you are as the event was strongly marked by a understanding you are in a new body, world and life.

Please know that walkin soul transfers happen based on exact astrological aspects that happen between the original souls natal chart and your natal chart. Therefor you are not able to "make up" the date and time of your walkin to fit your personal taste. Your birth time is your bodies former souls death time. Hospital records are always a good place to start to find this information.

Note that walkin souls are not the same as when a higher aspect of your self integrates deeper and within creating a notable change. If your original natal chart is very descriptive of who you still are then you are also not a walkin soul and you may want to get a Draconic Chart Reading as your oversouls mission can be a very close match.

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