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Astro Tarot & Quartz Crystal Pendant

Astro Tarot Reading with 12 Major Arcana Cards Spread Reflects The Natal Chart House Placements

Green Quartz Crystal Pendant


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Dare to Be REAL on Facebook Live Videos

Dare to Be REAL on Facebook LIVE Video Training Course

Program Description


This program will teach you how to:

Show Up Powerfully
Create LOVING Fans
Be Unapologetically You on Facebook Live videos!


Dare To Be REAL on Facebook Live Videos includes 7 Modules of Training. This is more than 3.5 hours of juicy Facebook Live material to grow your vision in life and business!!!

This course will help you use Facebook Live to:

Show Up Authentically - Become a More Bold and Confident Speaker - Influence More People - Help More People - Create More Income - Have a Greater Impact in the World

This course includes:

Module 1: How to be REAL on Facebook Live So People Know You Everywhere You Go

Module 2: Preparing Your Face to Build Trust and Likeability On Your Videos

Module 3: How To Quickly Grab Attention and Keep People on Your Videos

Module 4: Facebook Live Tech Setup for Non-techies

Module 5: Simple Backgrounds for Live Videos

Module 6: 7 Types of Facebook Live Videos

Module 7: 7 Step Framework for What to Say on Facebook Live Videos

This course will help you authentically reach people and so you can create long-lasting relationships with amazing clients all over the world!

Welcome to your Daringly REAL Life!


Lila Veronica

Author, The Reinvented Woman, The Best Ways to Enjoy Life to the Fullest Without Sacrificing Your Femininity

P.s. Tag me on Facebook on your first LIVE video after you complete this course. I'd love to see what you bring forward!

P.p.s. I’ve used Facebook Live to generate over $100,000 in income with clients on 4 different continents. You can too!