*SOLD OUT* Great Attractor 2020 Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius Reading Special ONLY 20 AVAILABLE!!!

*SOLD OUT* Great Attractor 2020 Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius Reading Special ONLY 20 AVAILABLE!!!

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It is that time of year again when we go deep into Eclipse season and this time it starts with a Lunar Penumbral Eclipse in Sagittarius at 15 degrees conjunct the Great Attractor Starseed location. Our last Lunar Eclipse was January 10, 2020. Now another epic eclipse portal to destiny will activate. The third eclipse of 2020 a Penumbral Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 15 degrees of Sagittarius opposite the Sun/Venus Retrograde conjunction square Neptune/Mars conjunction in Pisces. What powerful activations will take place in your chart durning this once in a lifetime event? What major transformations and lessons are being signaled for you personally through the massive Gemini opposition that is sure to have your mind and relationships in overdrive of the past and what you are still carrying with you in reference to love? Will the square to Neptune and Mars bring up hidden fears and insecurities, maybe partners or some truth that has been kept from you finally reveal what has been held in silence? Find out what this eclipse means for you personally!!!

This reading will be a 30 min recorded video in regards to which house this is occurring in either your Natal or your Progressed Chart. Please choose in the pull down menu which chart you would like to have read. There is a option for both charts if you are an astrology enthusiast and want the whole entire in-depth scoop. In addition to which house this Eclipse will be occurring in, I will go into the aspects it is making to your planetary placements and what it all means for you.

In addition to your 30 min video you will receive a 30+min video with all the general collective energies of the eclipse and a PDF that includes your chart/charts and aspects of this eclipse.

This special is available Now through June 1, 2020 and for the first 20 people only to purchase. Your video will be recorded and delivered to your email in the order received and by January 4th. You will receive a download link to your reading via your email address associated with your order in which you will have 90 days to download and keep your reading before it will auto delete from the cloud. Please provide your birth details in the next page under "NOTES". I will need your information as follows:

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NO REFUNDS!!! Store credit towards a future reading for pre recorded reading cancellations only. No revisions for incorrect birth details so please double check the information entered. 

If you forget to add your birth details to this order please email them to sunsoulastrology@gmail.com ASAP.