Pisces Sun Tribe Notebook
Pisces Sun Tribe Notebook

Pisces Sun Tribe Notebook

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Pisces represents the twelfth house of the astrological zodiac, the place of source consciousness and dreams. Ruled by Neptune, Pisces is a Mutable Water sign motivated by a inspiration that comes from deep within their spiritual connection to the universe. Pisces know's how to dream a collective dream into reality through creative expression. Represent your Pisces Sun Tribe with this dope ass (replace with product description) that is perfect for your #PIMPMYMATRIX lifestyle. 

Be sure to take a pimptasic photo of yourself wearing this hoodie and post it on FB and Instagram and make sure to tag @PIMPMYMATRIX so you can flash your cosmic soul bling with the Sun Soul Tribe.

Tune into Sun Soul Astrology with creator of PIMPMYMATIX, "Meru Matu" on YouTube for quantum planetary translations of the current energies effecting your sign.
Spiral Notebook
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.: Front cover print
.: 120 ruled line pages
.: Black back cover