Saturn Return Reading with Meru Matu

Saturn Return Reading with Meru Matu

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Saturn is the lesson teacher of our chart and every 28-30yrs Saturn returns to your exact natal Saturn sign, house and degree, which means your in your Saturn Return. This is a time of great struggle or benefit. Depending on where Saturn is located in your chart depends on the experiences you will have during the next two years.

If you are 28-30 or 58-60 years old, then this reading is for you as Saturn is approaching if not already returning to your natal position. We will talk about what to expect and how to correct possible errors in the use of Saturn's energies and ways to produce the best experience for you.

You will meet with Meru for 30 minuets live on Zoom which is accessible from any smart phone, tablet or computer as well as you may call in by telephone. You will receive a private YouTube link to your live video recording  of your reading within 30 days of reading.

Once you have purchased your reading you will receive access to booking calendar. Please be sure to chose the link that corresponds with the reading that you have purchased. All times and dates will be displayed in your current time zone (at time of booking). Your Zoom invitation will be automatically sent so be sure to confirm your email address is correct when scheduling. You will be able to reschedule your own appointment from the confirmation email and please be sure to do so at least 24/hours in advance. NO REFUNDS for missed appointments, time will be deducted for late arrivals. Store credit towards a future reading for pre reading cancelations only.