Starseed DNA 6 Week Course With Meru Matu

Starseed DNA 6 Week Course With Meru Matu

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If you have ever wanted to learn how to give accurate Starseed DNA and Linage Readings just like Meru Matu of Sun Soul Astrology on YouTube and Sun Soul TV, this is your chance.

This is a 6 Week Course is open to 10 students only at a introductory rate in which you will work directly one on one each week with Meru live on Zoom Video. Class starts October 1, 2018 so grab your spot now. Completion of payment is due on or before September 31, 2018.

You do not need any previous knowledge of Astrology to preform these readings, but you will learn how to create a chart, run a fixed star analysis and check transits for activations. This is a great way to guide your clients deeper into their journey of self discovery that will take them both off world and into the ancient future past.

This 6 week curriculum will be based with detailed videos on and include written information to go along with your weekly one on one session with Meru. Your time spent with Meru will be recorded and you will receive the ability to record it straight to your own Zoom cloud or desktop straight from your computer. You will also receive a direct download link to keep your sessions each week that will be stored on the cloud for 60 days before they auto delete.

You will learn about the Ancient Annunaki story of “Those from Heaven to Earth they came” and how their Alien DNA is evident in the RH Negative Blood Groups now on planet Earth. We will dive into the ancient texts that describe this group as our Genetic Engineers as well as The Emerald Tablets of Thoth.

A full list of Starseed locations including constellations, Royal and Bohemian Fixed Stars, Stargates and Portals to other Galaxies will be provided and studied as well as their degrees. You will learn which ET groups are connected to specific Starseed locations and the ancient galactic story and traits that go with them.

We will dive into Starseed Soul Groups through the outer planets and learn how to identify Master Starseed Souls.

Meru has preformed thousands of Starseed DNA Readings and you yourself will receive one directly from her included in your introductory rate as well as a 6 week subscription to Sun Soul TV Daily Planetary Translations. 

Upon completion of the course you will receive a Level 1 Certificate of completion in Starseed DNA and Linage Readings by Meru Matu of Sun Soul Astrology. You will also be invited onto Sun Soul Astrology on YouTube and Sun Soul TV for a featured interview to introduce yourself and grow your client base. You will also gain access to exposure through featured students page.

This is for serious and committed students only who are willing and able to dedicate 6 consecutive weeks of study and meetings with Meru. There are NO REFUNDS, only store credit towards the next round of courses if for some reason you cant make it or change your mind.