Valentines Day Couples Synastry Reading Special

Valentines Day Couples Synastry Reading Special

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Gift yourself and your special Valentine this Valentines Day Special Reading with Meru and get a lot closer!!! You can join by yourself or bring your Valentine with you for a one hour in-depth look at the two of you coming together.

Synastry is relationship astrology and compares your chart with that of your relationship partner to identify areas of strength and weakness. With this insight you can both better understand one another, create better communication, align goals, express your love languages and learn what truly supports one another.

In this reading we will go over the compatibility of your relationship using both of your natal charts. For this you will need the full birth details of both people which includes your month/day/year/time/city/state and country.

We will discuss Planets and Luminaries as well as the Aspects and Houses which are creating this comprehensive look at the two of you on a very personal and intimate level. You will receive a full video recording of this reading as a special memory holder of the deep connection you two share. 

You may come to the meeting alone or with your Valentine and meet with Meru live on Zoom and best of all is you and your partner do not have to be in the same place. Simply forward your Valentine the Zoom Join Link for them to join in with us at our scheduled time.

This is a safe space and place for you to express yourselves and ask the deeper questions not always addressed in relationships so easily. Astrology like energy is truth and if you want to get deep, this is the perfect place to do so.

Add the Starseed DNA PDF for you and your partner (2) to get even more information to compare on your own time, together, enjoying a vast and stimulating conversation. This option is available in the pull down menu and does apply to both individuals getting the reading.

After your meeting you will receive a direct download link via email that will remain on the cloud for 90 days before it auto deletes. Your invitation to meet on Zoom is all you need to download the app and get set up. If you need to meet by telephone only, just let us know and we will send you a phone number to call in to and still have the recording of your session.

Your Zoom invitation will be automatically sent so be sure to confirm your email address is correct when scheduling. You will be able to reschedule your own appointment from the confirmation email and please be sure to do so at least 24/hours in advance. NO REFUNDS for missed appointments, time will be deducted for late arrivals. Store credit towards a future reading for pre reading cancellations only.

This reading sale is available to purchase till February 14, 2020. Meru's schedule will be open for a few hours early on Valentines Day for those who grab that day first. Hurry and book now.

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